Wireless Data Agreement for Shark WiFi

Last updated: December 6, 2021

General. These terms of wireless Data Contract (“agreement”) is an agreement under which we provide and you accept our services. In addition to these terms and conditions of services, there may be 2 parts to your purchase, 1. The Device, 2. Data Plan/s. It is important that you carefully read all of the terms of the agreement.

Basic definitions. Intros document: (1) “We,” “Us,” “Our”, Stargate Monitoring Inc. and Secureacom Inc. and its affiliates doing business as Shark WiFi (2) “You,” “Your,” “Customer/Client,” and “User” mean an account holder or user with us; (3) “Device” means any devices, accessory or other product that transmits Data via the 4G LTE of 5G service, such as still pictures, video, sound, or other information wirelessly and (4) “Service” means our wireless services and/or internet-based services.

Terms of Purchase. In addition to the terms of wireless contract, you are also agreeing to the terms of purchase (“terms of service”) which is available at sharkwifi.ca for review. This condition applies even if your device was not purchased directly from Shark WiFi or its affiliates. Scope of wireless contract. This agreement will cover all services provided by Shark WiFi on any device and/or any account that you have authority over, and this agreement will override all previous versions of the wireless contract to the extent permitted by law. This agreement applies to all services provided in the past, present, and in the future.

Data Usage. We provide data only. We do not provide cellular Voice, however you can utilize any VOiP service on our Data Network.

SHARK MINI ONLINE ACCOUNT: You will be emailed your login credentials for your online account within 24-hours of activations. This account will enable you to view data usage as well as, add incremental amounts of data. You can change both user name and password. Information on this is in the manual that comes with your Shark WiFi Mini.

AUTO DATA RELOAD & NOTIFICATIONS: You will receive email notification(s) when data usage reaches 80% of selected data plan. You will have the option of going to your online account (adding data) or stopping any further data for that monthly data period. IF YOU DISREGARD THIS WARNING THE SYSTEM WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW THE CURRENT SELECTED DATA PACKAGE. When the data renew option has been checked, However, the system will ONLY do this once. All subsequent “TOP-UP or “ADD-ONS” must be completed by you, the user/client.

Client Automatic Notification Emails: User Portal

Charges. Charges for our services are listed below, and such charges consist of the following for subscription to our services:

NOTES: The cost of the product will be subsidized through monthly data purchases (see term and conditions).

Client Information

(***BONUS for adding the referral name both parties will receive 1GB FREE! )

Package Information

Price ($) Quantity Item

One time activation fee

Data Plan Quantity

*Larger Data Options Available... Please contact your local service agent or call 1.844.943.4548

Price ($)

Shipping Fee

Coupon Code

Taxes (GST/HST)

Grand Total

Billing Information

We only accept VISA or MasterCard

Additonal Notes

Terms and Conditions

  • Data Plan fee is pre-billed monthly to a credit card with top ups collected separately. Failed collection will result in immediate suspension of services.
  • This agreement consists of a Month to Month term with a 30-day cancellation notification (emailed/written).
  • Your monthly billing will begin the day the Shark Mini router is shipped to you. The one-time fees (device purchase price + shipping charges) will be collected upfront i.e. at the time the order form is complete.
  • Bonus: Any or all data/cash bonus may be subject to executive management approval. Any and all bonus are considered a ONETIME use only and maybe be terminated at any time solely by the company’s executive management team.
  • All fees are subject to applicable taxes.
  • REVIEW: Terms and Conditions


    I am authorized by the above company to approve this agreement with my signature

    By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to all the posted conditions mentioned above.

    Please note that if paying by credit card, the name will be shown as Secureacom Inc. on your credit card statement